how to connect nano icsp to ftdi

hi... im confuse how to program arduino nano from nano icsp to ftdi module.. can u explain about the connection

I believe it is possible to use an FTDI module as an ISP programmer but it's not at all a common thing to do and you won't be able to use the Arduino IDE (unless you can add a 3rd party programmer definition for it). It will be easier to use an Arduino as ISP if you have another Arduino available or if you're going to be needing a programmer frequently just buy a USBasp. That's not to say you can't accomplish your goal if you're set on it. I seem to remember someone on this forum talking about having done it a while back.

last week i have try it with ftdi to upload code to arduino nano via icsp port .. im not remember which website i was visited. It can upload and serial monitor also function. now, i forgot the link of the site. so why i ask question here if anybody know about it