How to connect ORG1411-PM04 GPS to Arduino?

I want to connect a Micro Hornet Origin 1411-PM04 (PM04 supports 2.5-5V logic) to Arduino. I didn't find any libaries or tutorials outlining the pin connections or code.

Any idea on how to connect and operate the GPS module with Arduino?

Its not common for there to be a library for a specific GPS module.

Most people would assume the GPS puts out its information in a standard serial format that standard Arduino GPS libraries such as TinyGPS++ will read.

As for pinouts, checkout the datasheet and if the GPS does not produce output like a standard GPS maybe ask the manufacturer for assistance; they are making the money selling the things after all.

Well it seems like the GPS module supports SPI, I2C and UART, so a library would help with at least the I2C and SPI portions. But ya I could use classic GPS libraries like tinyGPS for the UART / Serial communication. Thanks.