How to connect Raspberry Pi 3 to Arduino Leonardo?

Hey guys this is my first post and I'm relatively new to the forum so I hope I'm posting this at the correct place.

Can anyone help me with the subject of matter?


Can you tell us what the project actually is and what you are trying to do?

There are quite a few differnent ways of ‘connecting’ one system to another.


I'm using an USB cable between the Arduino and the Pi and sending commands over serial.

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Best way is through the USB port and use Pyserial, if you are using Python.

The GPIO UART’s usage has been changed since the 3B+ came along and what was used for that is now used by the onboard Bluetooth. So a lot of code that used to work before now does not.


You already have them connected by USB? Thus, your question in nonsense!

The person asking the question is winterhalter. The person who connected them via USB is george_bulimar. It also confused me when I got the reply notification email. I think george_bulimar is just helpfully explaining the way they have approached connecting a Leonardo to a RPi.