How to connect resonator?

Hello I’m brand new to arduino, only had it for about a week . I’ve been having fun writing sketches and trying them out.
The question I’ve run into so far that I could not seem to find an answer for doing searches is how to use the atmel168 by itself
without the arduino board in my circuits. In order to do that I read I need to pull pin 1 high with a 10k resistor and pins 2 and 3 need to be pulled low with another 10k resistor. Along with that I would need a resonator or a crystal for timing. I have a bunch of 16mhz 3 pin resonators but am not sure how they need to be connected to the atmel168. Can anyone verify for me if I have it all correct so far and how to connect the resonator? Thanks for any help.

Check this:

The resonator central pin must be connected to GND. The other ones must be connected to Atmega pins 9 and 10.