How to connect RFID Module to Arduino UNO

I brought 860mhz-960mhz UHF rfid reader module for chip card skimmer from follow link:

I want to do communication with arduino uno so is it possible to connect

RX to TX
TX to RX

and what is meaning of EN and GPIO if any one know please help me to do serial communication.

Ask the supplier for a datasheet of that device. Based on the information on the alibaba page I would not connect it directly to an Arduino UNO as the voltage may destroy the device.

EN enables the device, so you have to pull that HIGH to make the device respond.

here is datasheet and I want to connect from "Back Interface: " have a look here please.

Unfortunately that "datasheet" doesn't tell more than the page on alibaba did. There's no specification on the expected voltage on the serial pins. I would at least use a level converter to ensure no over-voltage on the serial interface. Then pull EN high (to 3V3).

The tricky thing will be to find a documentation of the protocol talked over the serial interface. Maybe the supplier can provide such a manual too?