How to Connect RGB LED to Audrino

Hey guys im a complete noob to arduino and was looking for some major help. I want to build a series of rgb led strips controlled via arduino , now I how can these be wired up because i want control about 12 led strips which are about a foot long each , i know arduino can support a few leds but whats the max do i need a relay or any external power ? any advice will help me so much , thanks guys ;)

you shouldn’t power more than a few LEDs directly from Arduino pins (all current drawn should be less than 200mA, 20-30mA per LED).

You can use a relay, mosfet, transistor, or a motor driver to control each strip. for that many LEDs you’d need an external power.

right on but how does this guy do it lol do i need a transistor of some kind ? , Thanks art

Sure did thanks a lot ! ;D