How to connect SPI between arduino and wemos d1 mini

Hi people!

I have a project where I need to communicate a wemos d1 mini with an Arduino Nano using SPI. My question is related with voltage levels, since wemos runs at 3.3V and arduino at 5v, I dont really know if I need a voltage divider between them (and if so, in all the lines?) or if it is possible to connect it directly.

Do you have any clue?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, can use resistor dividers to go from 5V down to 3.3V. If planning to run at high speed, a cd74HC4050 is preferred; power from 3.3V.
Can connect 3.3V output direct to MISO input. If planning to run at high speed, one gate of 74HC125 with OE controlled by CS to the slave is preferred; power from 5V.

Don't forget 0.1uF ceramic decoupling cap from Vcc pin to Gnd on both parts.

Don't forget to connect all the Gnds together.

I dont get it, may you make shematic please. That would be really helpfull.