How to connect this SPI TFT LCD Display to my arduino?

I bought this Serial SPI TFT Color LCD Module Display (SPI Inteface) form Aliexpress. Can anyone please tell me what I need to make it run on my arduino? Is it necessary to buy any sorts of shield or can I solder something on my own?

Is the display attached to a circuit board, or do you have the "unmounted" display with flexible ribbon connections?

Do you know what signal names are associated with each interface pin?

The display is not attached to any circuit board, yes I have the display with ribbon connections like it is shown here:

There are 14 pins. I have no clue about the signal names.

You need to find out what signal is connected to what pin!

Contact the seller and ask for that information.

Ok I did.

This seems to be the datasheet from which I don't understand anything :confused:

It is more likely to be a ST7735S.

Bodmer was suggesting that you find the pinout for the flex cable from your module.
That should be fairly easy. Those modules are sold by many people.

You then need to solder very carefully. All your logic must be 3.3V. I suggest a 47R series resistor for the backlight.

There are many suitable libraries. I suggest you concentrate on your soldering skills.


Ok I did.

This seems to be the datasheet from which I don't understand anything :confused:

That is the data sheet for the controller that is fitted within the display module.

This is the sort of pin out table I am looking for:

It appears that this "could" be the same as your display if pin 1 is on the right in your photo. But you ought to get the info from the seller as if this is not the correct pin out then the display could get permanently damaged.

If the pin out table above is correct then the display needs to be powered as shown in the middle block only here:

VSS must be connected to GND of the Arduino, VDDA+VDDIO to 3.3V supply on the Arduino.

Then the other 6 lines can be connected via protection resistors are detailed here:

UNO +3V3 to display pin VDDA+VDDIO
UNO +3V3 to display LED via 47 Ohm resistor
UNO 0V (GND) to display VSS
UNO digital pin 7 through a 1K2 resistor to display RESET
UNO digital pin 8 through a 1K2 resistor to display AO
UNO digital pin 9 through a 1K2 resistor to display CS
UNO digital pin 11 through a 1K2 resistor to display SDA
UNO digital pin 13 through a 1K2 resistor to display SCK

Then you need to choose a compatible library and configure the example sketch.

If you make a mistake at any point it probably will not work. As you have limited knowledge in these things you would have been in a better position to achieve success if you had bought a display with a fully documented tutorial.

Thank you so much for the information. You are right, I should have bought the "right" display. I'm waiting for the seller's answer first.

I just got this two images from the seller:

I just got this two images from the seller:

Mmm, so they sent a table and diagram for an 18 pin connector!

Based on the display photo the table I posted is likely to be the one that is correct.

You could point out the vendors error but it does not look like that know what they are selling.

I suggest you wire up as I suggested and ignore the info provided by the seller.

I will correct the photo link that is no longer right.

Look for a female ribbon pin breakout adapter so you don't have to solder onto the ribbon.