How to connect this stepper motor pin?

I have this kind of stepper motor

the type is PF42-48E5
and here is the data sheet:

I do not know how to connect this pin, which one is ground, vcc, data, and why so many colouuur???
Any heeelp?
Can I use this stepper motor in Arduino?

Not sure how much this will help you. I looks like what you have.

Measure the resistance between each wire to determine the coil setup.
It might be the 2 green wires are commons to the other wires,
If so they would then be connected together, see Jason2548 link.

What do you mean common to other pins?
Where I should connect that green common wires?

Ok look at this one. It is for unipolar two phase motor. I have two of this motors sitting in front of me and I looks to be the same wiring just different colors. instead of green i have reds in the middle.

The Green wires are going to be Voltage supply and then the other four are the four seperate coils.

Is there any ground pin?

See Image below


So it means I need to use Darlington array like the shown image?
it there a way directly connect it to arduino pin?

You can use 4 TIP122 transistors or 4 N channel MOSFETs.
You need external components with these.

However, for your 50 ohm stepper, drivers like ULN2004 or ULN2803 are small packages and easy to work with especially on bread boards.