How to connect to and get data off an image sensor?

I'm beginning a camera project that is going to involve me hooking up a CCD Image sensor (from an actual digital camera) and saving the data coming from it. The problem is, I don't even know where to begin! I've taken apart some inexpensive compact cameras and I'm simply blown away by the level of complexity. Here is the image sensor unit from a Fujifilm Finepix f460: [

It's very broken but if I were to connect to this connector thing using arduino, How would I do it and how might that data come out?](Dropbox - Error)

The Arduino doesn't have enough memory for images, and you won't get any information about the sensor from the manufacturer.

Right, I agree. I was thinking maybe an sd card shield?

Right, I agree. I was thinking maybe an sd card shield?

What is the point of an SD card shield with an image sensor which you agree will never work?

There is a camera module you can buy which is designed to work with Arduino. Google it.

Sorry that was a bad way to phrase it. If I were going to connect to a sensor SIMILAR this one, how would I go about it?? I've looked around at buying parts and most sensors have this ribbon cable coming out of the side, so I was wondering how I would connect to that type of cable.

The camera module does not quite do what i'm looking for, Too little quality and no adaptable lenses. My aim is to have some kind of rudimentary camera by hacking into a sensor kind of similar to the one shown

Most camera modules today will have a flexi PCB with a board-to-board connector, but if you've really got ribbon cable, a multiway IDC is your best bet.

Either way, I wouldn't recommend connecting either to an Arduino.