How to connect two arduinos (micro) w/ bluetooth

I'm trying to connect two micros using bluetooth, Using two modules from electrodragon.

I can't find the actual one, but it has a bc417, and uses this Commands.

I managed to set one as a master and one as slave, but everytime I try to connect one to another I just get errors (using AT+CONNECT and others). I've already tryed some tutorials, but I get those errors instead.

Another problem I've found is that, using the MICRO, the BT module does not get any AT command. Used with an app on the phone and arduino console, the arduino receives and sends everything no problem, but when (not paired) I try to use the commands form the arduino, no result.

I'm currently using an adapter and controlling the 2 modules from the pc w/ Putty.

What I need to do is to set the arduinos up so that they just connect one another and nothing more, so I never have to worry about them anymore.

Thanks, bye.

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Have a look at Serial Input Basics