How to connect ultra sonic sensor to computer?

Hi, I'm totally new to Arduino and had some questions.
So I'm currently working on a vdmx project and was wishing my videos to change to another when the distance from the sensor changes. I heard that I could use the ultra sonic sensor so I did my research but I couldn't find any sources that showed video displays changing via ultra sonic. Could find only videos that included "led changing from red to green" and stuff. I was hoping if anybody could help me with my way out with this problem.

Welcome, I guess. You have not given very much information to help with.'What is a vdmx project?
What is the source of your videos and where are they being shown? How many are being shown at one time? If you switch video, will you have sync problems? What is the format of your video data?
Can you send the same video to all displays and just turn on the one you want?

You probably will not find the software you want, we typically code it ourselves or hire somebody to do it for us. You also have a system to design, start with a simple schematic and add your parts one at a time. Look for demo programs for those devices, install them and when you understand how it works go on to the next item. Probably easiest to start with the Ultrasonic sensor and experiment with that, there are a lot of programs and tutorials on line about that device. At this point you will know if it will do what you want.

Did you made the basic engineering already, didnĀ“t you?

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