How to connect up Led light strip, pir sensor, relay and arduino uno together??

Please Help me my project due at 14 April 2014 thank very much :slight_smile:

So i have this led light strip (+12v), pir sensor (+12v), relay-input(3-32V) and output(5A 110V) and an arduino uno. I want to have the sensor sense someone walking by and light up the Led with the relay as the switch and the arduino broad will be the delay for how long the light will be on but now the problem is i lost the way to connect it together and i need help on that and the code for the arduino i still can’t find it if anyone know or have links to connect up the circuit please help me thank a lot =(

circuit.bmp (2.25 MB)

What class are you taking , Accounting ? If you're taking Electronics you should know that you need to post your schematic and datasheets before you can get any help.(led strip, sensor). After you do that you need to Google your topic to find arduino/forum
links to tutorials. This is part of your job as a student. We're not going to research you subject. Research the subject and post what you find with your datasheets and schematic and we'll go from there. This isn't a 7-11 for Electronics Homework.