How to connect usb barcode with arduino using usb to serial converter?

i want to connect barcode to arduino as, is it possible if i use a usb to serial adapter?
help me please!

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Also the answer to your question is no.

thanks for the notification, and what should I use to be able to connect it?

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For one thing, you need a board that can act as a usb host. Then you need a library or driver for the scanner.

I'm assuming you meant to say a barcode scanner. A barcode is a series of black and white stripes printed on something.

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yes i did.

can i make a usb host with ic ft232rl? if not, what should I use? and please give me a suggestion or schematic example to make a usb host.


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thanks a lot

There is a USB Host library for Arduino Due, or you can get some USB Host "shields" for regular arduinos. Otherwise use something like a Pi Zero that has a built in host capability.

If you have a barcode scanner, please provide a link to it. What is the interface of the scanner? If it is a USB Scanner, you indeed need a host interface. What arduino board are you using?

i using arduino uno

As already stated, you need a USB host interface to connect to this scanner. An arduino UNO ist not able to act as a host without additional hardware.
And you need a software / a suitable library to connect to the scanner.
If you want to write the software yourself, you need a description of the interface protokoll of the scanner.

i just wanna make self a usb host, what should i do?

Buy an UNO compatible host shield, install a suitable library and hope that the library supports your scanner. Many scanner act like an USB keyboard, what usually is supported by a host library.

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The page you linked to says

Easy to use, without the need for a driver

I guess that means it must behave like a USB keyboard, like @MicroBahner suggested.

I suggest you experiment with the scanner plugged into a pc or laptop. Open a blank text document and try scanning some barcodes. Does that work?

yes, it's work well

what do i need to do without using arduino usb host shield?

Perhaps you have not understood what we are trying to tell you. To use this scanner with Uno you must have a USB host shield.

The alternatives are to use a type of Arduino with USB host capability built-in. Or use a Raspberry Pi perhaps.

i mean, how can i make my own arduino usb host shield or how can i crack it?

I suggest you study at a university for a degree in electronic engineering.