How to connect wire coil with Arduino Leonardo module?

Hi All,

I want to control temperature of Ni-Cr coil based on the reading from temperature sensor. I might use LM35 analog sensor for that and I want to know how to connect coil made from Ni-Cr wire with my "Leonardo" , please help me with circuit diagram for the same. I am using 0.45 mm Ni-Cr wire. I am a new user of Arduino so please help me to get started with it.

Thanx in Advance


OK what length of NiCr wire are you using, what's its resistance-per-unit-length
at the temperature(s) of interest? That will determine the total resistance. The
power dissipation is harder to calculate as it depends on how fast heat escapes
this heating element. This may need to be measured somehow, or maybe you
know the power needed for your application?