how to connect

i have a arduino uno board and i have tried to connect it but it doesn't recognises the board... i have watched some tutorals about how to connect a board nut it doesn't work
Please help :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
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Start by posting a link to where you got the board from, what operating system you have and what version of the IDE you have.

i bought it two years ago on i have windowws 7 and 1.0.6 but i would like to program with s4a buecause its easier than do it with code

Post a picture of your board. What is S4a?

my board is like wich appears on this video SCRATCH TOUCH - Arduino + S4A - YouTube. and s4a is scratch for arduno, an easier way to programate. watch some videos if you want, it allows you to do a lot of things and you don't have to know the code or have programated before.
Thanks fro answering my posts

As I can see in the video it's a Uno.
You have to choose in your settings - Board > Uno - Serial port > USB !

Should be work !

Fyi, it's spelt "program" not "programate" and "programmed" not "programated"

Coding for arduino is honestly quite simple, you don't need any programming experience to learn, just find a good set of tutorials and read up. Unless you're below the age of 12, I personally wouldn't recommend Scratch, but to each his own.

I'll assume you're using Windows. When you connect the board to your computer do you see a green light? And do you see a flashing orange light?

Post a picture of your board, in close up so we can see what is what on your board (in particular the USB to serial converter.)

A video is of no use and a video of someone else's board is completely pointless as they are not asking for help you are.

here you have a picture of my board.
when i connect it a green led turns on and the orange one too. if i connect a servomotor to 5V, ground and the ninth pin, the servo starts to move i don’t know why…
i don’t know how to do settings - Board > Uno - Serial port > USB !, i will investigate
thanks again for answering

You need the drivers installed from the IDE install. That is the standard Uno R3 board with the Uno R3 USB to serial converter. Look under the Arduino getting started for Windows.

thanks to all of you!!!
i have found that pages that explains how to do all