How to control 2 or 4 steppers

Ive worked controlling a stepper from the arduino.

I know the l293 based arduino driver board will drive 2 steppers at maximum.

So Im wondering what would be the best way to manage 4 steppers (that would control window shades)?

  1. Should I chain 2 l293d driver boards?

  2. Is there another type of board to run 4 steppers?


A RAMPS board, which is intended to drive 3D printers, will drive that many steppers.

But you don't say how much power. If it's around 1A then there's lots of drivers. Higher than that is a little unusual for hobbyists so there are fewer to select from.

Have a look at these links

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code


What is your goal?
Depending on your project goal there are so many controller boards out there.

Aunt Google is your friend with "4 stepper control board" - this will give you a lot of choices.
Then your project goal is the basis for making a buying decision.

But it would be good to know, what you want to do with the steppers. Then we can help you to get one step further.

BTW: L293 would not be my favorite at all.

Thanks, I'm looking out drive steppers to open and close shades. I realize that is still vague because I understand I could open and close those plastic blinds probably with a much weaker motor than I would need for a set of cloth curtains.

Plus I don't really know how I would open a set of cloth curtains, if up-down, diagonal-from-corner or actually slide them completely sideways and back.

I'm just idea shopping at the moment.

Nearly all modern (cheap) steppers are low impedance and cannot be driven from a dual-H-bridge
board, but need chopper dirvers.

You first need to tell us which motors you have, if you haven't chosen motors yet you should
probably start from the beginning and tell us the mechanical details of what you want to drive,
since chosing (and sizing) motors is the first step and we don't know if you know anything about
doing this.

I have 2 39BYGL215A Stepper Motor - 200 steps/rev

And 1 that just reads Stepper Motor-2ohm

I have 2 39BYGL215A Stepper Motor - 200 steps/rev

You need to post a link to the motor’s datasheet.


I'm working on getting the datasheets. This is what I have so far:

2-ohm stepper
Description: This is a simple, but very powerful stepper motor with a 4-wire cable attached.


Step Angle (degrees) :1.8
2 Phase
Rated Voltage : 12V
Rated Current :1A
Phase Resistane 2ohm
Working Voltage : 12V
Holding Torque : 1.8kg*cm
5mm Diameter Drive Shaft

39BY (


Step Distance: 0.01mm
Rated Voltage: 12V
Rated Current: 0.4A/Phase
100mm Long Threaded Shaft (keyed on one end)
Holding Torque: 21
6-Pin Wiring Harness Included

Both of those could be controlled with an A4988 stepper driver - assuming the current figures are 1 amp and 0.4 amps.

The reason I am not sure is because the the data for first motor mentions 1 amp and 2 ohms which imply a voltage of 2v, not 12v. My suspicion is that the 12v figure is wrong. You should check the coil resistance with your multimeter.


I have 2 39BYGL215A Stepper Motor - 200 steps/rev

And 1 that just reads Stepper Motor-2ohm

That's what you measured? Normally the same motor is available with many winding options,
so its always wise to stick a multimeter on and confirm the actual phase resistance.

If its 2 ohms you must use a chopper driver. If its 30 ohm (like most of the google search hits
indicate) you'll have to choose between 12V and H-bridges, or 24V and a chopper, or running at
12V from a chopper at lower current/performance.

Why have you chosen stepper motors for this application, it doesn't sounds like a motion-control