How to Control 2 Phase Uni-Polar 5 lead Stepper Motor?

Hello my fellow Arduino fans.

I’ve found code for and successfully controlled all the bipolar stepper motors I have ever found.
But I came across one now that is 3.84v 0.8A 2 Phase Uni-Polar 5 lead Stepper Motor.
Everyone talks like driving a unipolar motor is easier than bipolar but I have yet to find any instructions or demo code on how to drive this motor.
At least not drive it properly using all 5 wires. Yes I can or could drive it using just the 4 main coil wires but I’d like to see what kind of speed I can achieve if I use the half coil driving method.
If I’m not mistaken this would require connecting the com wire to +3.84v and pulling the Coil wires low in the correct sequence. I found this spec sheet but I can’t figure out how this would work with a motor driver as every motor driver I’ve ever seen has the motor output as M1+ M1- and M2+ M2- or something similar.

I have the Sparkfun BigEasy driver the Seeed Studio Motor Shield v1.2 and one other L298 based driver.
Anyone have any example code / hookup guide I can start with?