How to control 2 servos

Hi guys, I’m a newbie here. I’ve been trying to get 2 servos to work with my Arduino. I think I may have messed up a bit with the functions. If anyone can help that’d be great!

#include <Servo.h>

byte servoPin1 = 8; // servo signal connection
byte servoPin2 = 9;
Servo A;
Servo B;
int servo1Pos = 90;
int servo2Pos = 90;
int servoMax = 220;
int servoMin = 0;
int servoMove = 8; // number of degrees per movement

byte potPin1 = A0; // center pin of joystick or potentiometer connected here

byte potPin2 = A1;
int potValue1 = 0;
int potValue2 = 0;
int potCentre = 512; // adjust to suit your joystick
int potDeadRange = 50; // movements by this much either side of centre are ignored

void setup() {
Serial.println(“Starting JoystickServo.ino”);


void loop() {
readJoystick( potValue1, servo1Pos, potPin1);
readJoystick( potValue2, servo2Pos, potPin2);

moveServo(A, servo1Pos);
moveServo(B, servo2Pos);

void readJoystick(int val,int pos,byte pin) {
// read the joystick
val = analogRead(pin);
// figure if a move is required
if (val > potCentre + potDeadRange) {
pos += servoMove;
if (val < potCentre - potDeadRange) {
pos -= servoMove;
// check that the values are within limits
if (pos > servoMax) {
pos = servoMax;
if (pos < servoMin) {
pos = servoMin;

void moveServo(Servo servo, int pos) {

void showPosition( int val,int pos) {
Serial.print("PotValue1 “);
Serial.print(” Servo1Pos ");

I'm trying to control both with the Y and X axis of my joystick module. The values never get printed out not do the servos move

Your readJoystick() function doesn't change the values of Servo1Pos nor Servo2Pos. Servo1Pos and Servo2Pos are the values that get written to the servos with moveServo() and those values never change so the servos never move.

Did you mean void readJoystick(int val,int& pos,byte pin) {?

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