How to control 20amp (peak) 12v DC motors question


I am very new here, so forgive me if this isn't the proper way to ask this but here is the situation.

I have a couple of 12v DC motors that need to be controlled, in both directions. As stated the peak draw is 20amps on startup and 8 while running. It is a short 10-20 second cycle that goes from "retracted" to "deployed" with a hall effect sensor as a limit switch on both ends of the cycle. I am looking to use a trigger (on deploy, off retract).

If it helps I am working with a set of power running boards from a ford Explorer that have been re-purposed for another application.

I do have a decent grasp on the basic electrical side of things, but am just starting out with the micro controller side of things.

Any help with a place to start would be awesome.



Power Driver Shield Kit - SparkFun Power Driver Shield Kit - DEV-10618 - SparkFun Electronics

For bidirectional motor control you will need an H-bridge motor driver that can handle more than 20 Amps peak.

Pololu has the best selection.