How to control 220V

Can you please offer the best way that can be used for 220V controlling?Is there a relay solution only ? Or any others?

Assuming you mean 220v AC, I'd use a solid state relay. Look for one that will switch 220v at whatever current you need, and that accepts a switching input down to 3v so that you can drive it directly from a 5v Arduino. For example, type SSR-10DA (rated at 10A) or SSR-40DA (rated at 40A). You could use an electromechanical relay instead, but then you will probably need to drive it using a transistor or MOSFET.

Depends on what do you need to control, heater would be o'k with on/off so relay is good.
Motors / lighting variable power control needs phase regulator, and would require SCR / Thyristor / MOSFET / IGBT - your choice.

I would like to add that if you need higher switching speeds a relais will not cut it.
You then need SSR or Triac.


In my reply I assumed you just wanted on/off switching, not variable power. A solid state relay uses a triac to do the switching and can handle just about any type of AC load.