how to control 3 ESC with arduino uno

hi everyone

i want to control 3 DC brushless motors with the arduino uno, and using 3 ESC`s (electronic speed controler)
really need help with the conection or hardware part, and with the software( i'm a noob with programing)
I've found a lot of videos showing how to conect one esc, but there is no explication on how to conect 3 of them...
i will probably use a 15A ESC or maby a 20A one, because i've to control these motors:

i forget to mention that i want to build an ROV so two of the motors will be in horizontal position and they should run at the SAME time but with contrary roating direction.
the third motor will be in vertical position...

and finaly y tought to use joisticks, but i don`t know which one is better for my case, any suggestion?

if you can, please replie with a diagram, picture or something else, everytihng helps.

i'm sorry for my english

To the Arduino each ESC is just a servo, so connect ground and signal.

Create a separate Servo object for each - an array of Servo objects can
be used, attach() each one to the right pin...

To reverse direction with an ESC you swap any 2 of the 3 motor wires (with
power OFF)

thanks a lot
and do you know how can i control it with a joistick??? i was thinking to use a play station or a xbox joistick but i don't know how to conet them to the arduino... any idea??

( it can be a normal joistick too, that’s not a problem ; )

( it can be a normal joistick too, that's not a problem ; )

I think most typical joysticks contain pots, so look at the "knob" servo example in the arduino IDE examples.