How to control 6 different RGB LEDs

What I currently have:
Arduino Uno and Mega / Tons of RGB LEDs common cathode and anode /HC-06 bluetooth module/ CD4053 and CD4051 MUX/DEMUX/ cables resistors etc
What I want to make:
6 individually controlled RGB LEDs using bluetooth and i would like to control their status (on/off), brightness and color.
my main problem is the pwm output pins limit, i can’t figure out how to increase them using my CMOS integrated circuits, help please.

You need 18 PWM channels. The MEGA has only 15 and the UNO has only 6. An output multiplexer doesn’t help because you can only light up one output at a time.

I would get a 16-channel PWM board like the one from Adafruit and use two of the native PWM pins for the other two channels.

the PCA9685? that’s the one i’m looking to get, i would like to confirm that its fit for the job and would it require an additional power source?

You don’t mention a power source. Figure about 10mA per LED so your 18 LEDs would draw 180 mA at full power. You can power that amount from the Arduino 5V pin which can spare about 400 mA from USB.

thank you very much

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