How to control a 24V printer clutch with a mosfet?

I'm trying to control a 24V DC printer clutch through a MOSFET , which receives its control signal (5V) from an Arduino microcontroller. The basic schematic diagram is attached here. Is this correct? Where will i put the flyback diode?

You forgot the diagram!

The free-wheel diode goes across the clutch winding. Make sure the MOSFET is logic-level.

Don't forget you need a logic level gate mosfet. The gate needs to be fully on or the resistance of the drain/source is not at its least so causes heat.
My favourite small mosfet is NTD5867NL. It works with 5v on the gate and handles a few amps with ease. They are cheap. I bought mine from RS Components.
There are others but make sure they are fully on at 5v on the gate.


Im sorry this is the diagram.

whats the thing beside the diode near the 24 V source


The inductive load. A box usually represents a load, the coil warns that it is inductive.

Chris, your circuit is missing the diode. It IS required.