How to control a canon camera USB using arduino uno?

As the question said i want to know how to control a canon USB camera using arduino uno to take video or several snapshots and save it to the memory card of the camera..also if possible can i compress the images on the memory camera to send it directly through Bluetooth module?

What is the basis for you thinking this can be done?

Here is some sample code for canon cameras but i don't know whether it will work on all canon cameras or not.

There is some libraries already written to control some cameras.

I want to know if that camera will do the job canon pc1588 with that libraries

thanks in advance

You might ask in the Canon talk section of ( or other camera forums, as to whether your particular model is supported for PTP (picture taking protocol). I did a quick google on canon pc1588, and all I could find with a leather case with that model number for some of their point and shoots.

For some point & shoot Canons, the firmware was been cracked with the Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK Wiki | Fandom), but I didn't see the pc1588 on the list of supported cameras.

On other higher end Canon cameras, the Magic Lantern firmware may be useful (Magic Lantern Firmware Wiki | Fandom).

I posted more about camera control over here, Camera control - #3 by MichaelMeissner - Project Guidance - Arduino Forum.

Go Magic Lantern! You can control a Canon DSLR via USB.