How to control a stepper motor to rotate 30 step per revolution

What type of stepper motor and driver need to do this project. I want to set each step need 2 second to rotate to the 2nd step and so on.

... to do this project ...

-> what project?
This is way too less information to give a concrete advice.

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To give you an idea:

  • we need to know more about the goal(s) of your project
  • do you have an idea about the load which has to be carried (this will determine the torque, thus selecting the right stepper motor and driver, thus selecting the suitable power supply etc.)

After that we can talk about the control the driver via an Arduino with the desired speed and direction and maybe more functions (e.g. start/stop, reverse(?) ...)

The number of steps per revolution is built into the motor at the factory and cannot be changed. 200 steps per revolution is common.

The speed of the motor is determined by the time interval between steps.

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