How to control a string of 24 Volt LEDs with Arduino


I’m very new to arduino, and I’ve got two High voltage (frosted) led strips (24 volt), one is 1250 mm long, and the other one 3260 mm long. They work seperately. I’m using an arduino nano, and an Object Detection Sensor Module. to swith on and off the led strip. I know I should use some kind of transistor or adapter… But I have no clue which one I need…

(this is the led strip I’m using by the way)

Would love some help!

Thanks, Simone <3

Hi Simone.

I suggest MOSFETs. Choose n-channel with logic-level gates, for example stp16nf06l.

$_1 (1).JPG

$_1 (1).JPG

At ~3/4 amp per meter.

See Q3, swap the relay cct. out with your strip use 24volts.



Simone, not sure why larryd posted that schematic here, your circuit will be much simpler than that.

EDIT: I get it now. Larryd's schematic demonstrates various of ways to use several types transistors to switch high currents. Q3 shows how to connect an n-channel logic level MOSFET as a low side switch, which is what I was also suggesting. In the example it is driving a Relay coil. But it's a rather scary diagram for a beginner!

The irl540 shown in that diagram is also suitable. There are many models, so if you find something else, ask before you buy.

The schematic also shows a couple of resistors to limit the gate current and to pull down the Arduino pin. You should include those in your circuit. It also shows a diode across the relay coil. You won't need that with an led strip. Your strip will go where the relay coil is shown in the diagram.