How to control AC powers

Dear EveryOne !

I want to control AC lamp with arduino Due board,
Please help me how I can control AC 220V powers what do I need to do ? Diodes ? Resisters ? what do I need and where do I need ?
Point to be noted that in where I'm living I can't find relay board, I want to design my own board which can work with arduino due board and control an 220v AC power device

Thanks in Advance

You need an SSR ( Solid State Relay ) like this one:-

To the Arduino it will look just like an LED, drive it in the same way.

Thanks for your Kind reply but What if I couldn’t find Solid State relay,
Can I use any capacitors or Resistor to control the power ? if yes how ?

Thanks in Advance

Can I use any capacitors or Resistor to control the power ?

This is mains you are talking about you could kill yourself or cause a fire if you don't do it correctly.
The only other way is to use a mechanical relay, driven from the Arduino through a transistor.

Ok Thanks


As you said to use relay for controlling 220v AC Lamp or other devices Here I found an device please see the link and kindly let know can I use this for my project ?
I want to turn on a 220vAC lamp or Motor with Arduino Due board

Thanks in Advance

Yes you can use this board to switch a lamp on and off..

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much !