How to control Arduino Live?

I’m a newbie so give me a chance! I know that arduino is just like any odd micro that you upload the program and run it, but I was wondering how do you guys configure the arduino so that you can controll it wirelessly using a PC? like live? Think of it as a remote controll toy and I use arduino to control servos and motors, and had a Xbee or BT set up, how would I control it using the PC??

Any Advise/Links would be helpful!

An easy way is to send serial commands on the radio link. One simple example of sending servo commands from a pc using serial commands can be found here:

send something like this over bluetooth and you are on your way to building your toy :).

and how would you do that ?

you would need 1 bluetooth reciever and a bluetooth dongle for your comp, i think…

and bluetooth arduinos DO ALREADY EXIST

look for em on
kind of on the expensive side, but hey, thats the price you pay for wireless…
and for the live part, you can use processing to control serial constantly…