How to control brightness on Arduino TFT

Hi all,

I bought the Arduino TFT ( for my robot and connect it to Arduino DUE.
Good news: both display and sd card works ok.

My issue regarding the lcd luminosity: it's really low comparing it with some video/picture from web (see for ex.

How I can have the same luminosity?

I connected the LCD following page for DUE board (with some changes to fullfit my project design):
+5V: +3.3V
MISO: Miso pin (white wire on ICSP)
SCK: Sck pin (brown wire on ICSP)
MOSI: Mosi pin (yellow wire on ICSP)
LCD CS: pin 42
SD CS: pin 40
D/C: pin 38
RESET: pin 44
BL: +3.3V

First of all: I connected LCD CS, SD CS, D/C and RESET to other pins since they don't need PWM.... right?
Second question: it seems the LCD can be powered by 5V so why, on the link, they suggest to connect to 3V3?
Third question: I look on the web for explanation on what LCD CS, SD CS and D/C works but I found nothing.

I did not try to connect to 5V (maybe luminosity will be improved) since, after some chip burned, I want to be sure it will not destroy my LCD...

Thanks for any advice

Just un update: using 5V instead 3V3 improve the brightness.