How to control by arduino " using transistor "

Hi, i have ARDUINO UNO R3 and programed to control output using some code, but my problem is how to use arduino signal to let transistor to work as switch? i have TIC206 transistor and i want to connect it to my arduino to be like switch to on and off 220V AC output and other transistor to control 3V DC output and idea how to connect and link them to arduino?

The TIC206 is not a transistor, its a mains triac and cannot be directly driven from an Arduino as it works at live mains voltage (lethal).

You need either an opto-isolated triac, a solid-state-relay (SSR) or an ordinary mains-rated relay with a 5 or 6V winding to switch mains.

That won't work, you need to use a relay instead.

"Solid State" Relays work best with Arduino.

thanks, but i need to use it with high speed and SSR cant do the job.

Well, in that case you really need to explain what it is you want to do, because "use it with high speed" is meaningless and your choice of a clearly inappropriate device suggests you really do not know yourself.

Your previous enquiries were in regard to an incubator - not something where high speed is in any way at all meaningful.

And so it goes. Explain what your project actually is, not how you fantasise you might achieve it by picking devices at random. Then we can advise. :D :D

Sorry dear, this time is not for incubator, it is for high speed photography Which need high accurate control with in millisecond or usecond, I hope you understand me

Well, nothing you power directly from the AC mains is going to need high speed and accurate control to the millisecond so again, you need to tell us what it is you want to do.

Can you give us a link to the equipment you want to control?

I am a photographer too, and most of my high speed work is done triggering flash units. However, you will not be able to do this by controlling the power coming form the mains into the flash unit. The flash usually has a trigger input, which may or may not be of a fairly high voltage.

We really need to get some specification for the device you are trying to control, and some idea of what it is you will be photographing.

Thanks very much BillO, i need to use it with Droplet to take water drop, i need to control the flash by remote control by connecting the button terminal and the flash also by remote, and 220 V AC solenoid valve.

nice link, now post a link if the hardware (solenoid) you want to control.

at first glance, you only need to release one drop. there are many easy ways to do that without a mains voltage solenoid.
also, for one drop, your solenoid would have to be minature,… sub-minatiure… near microscopic. parts that are that small are not often mains voltage.

please take some time, sketch out what you think your cirucit will be.
link to the hardware you want to use, solenoid, data sheet for the transistor/relay/triac, etc

or, if I may, re-phrase your question such as : I want to release one drop of water for high speed photography, and I do not know where to start, can you help me select parts ?

most likly, we would offer you links such as

or many-many others

You mean you want to do something like this?

The last time I did something like this I use a eye dropper to make the drops and a LED and photo transistor to detect the drop release. This triggered a variable timer which triggered my flash. The camera was manually operate in bulb mode. The set-up was pretty simple and did not need an Arduino, but I suppose you could use one.