How to control continuous rotation servos with Tinkerkit and Arduino 101

I have an Arduino 101, a Tinkerkit shield and two continuous rotation servos. I have been trying all day to try and get the Tinkerkit to control the servos to drive some wheels on a robot but I am now back to square 1. Would anyone be able to give me advice on how I can get the servos moving?

It would help if you showed us what you have tried, how things are wired,etc.

Hmm ok. I have the Tinkerkit on top of the 101 and then one servo plugged into O0 and one into O1.

I have tried the servo examples and it just says the success message but nothing happens. I have tried looking into the Tinkerkit.h examples I found on github and also the softwareservo.h examples from the arduino website. I have basically tried these and messed about with them a bit but not managed to get anything to work

AFAIK Tinkerkit went out of business.

Did you perhaps pick up the board really cheap ?
I snagged a few items as they were too much of a bargain to miss.
Git was the only source of libs and examples I could find too but they looked a little dated.
Some examples were also in PDE format rather than INO but thankfully the IDE will still handle them.

It maybe that them old libs were only for AVR boards and are not fully compatible with the newer CURIE MCU on the 101.

Do you have a UNO or LEONARDO you could try it on.
I suspect that may be a better path for that shield with them libs.

Unless you know how to change / port the libs for the CURIE.
If thats the case I for one would be interested.