How to control dimmer for a big scale lighting?


I am planning to develop the ping range sensor > dimming LED interface to bigger-scale that controls dimming of 20inch long incandescent lighting or led strips.
Do I need other parts besides DC converter to control the dimming for this? Need a variable resistor or capacitor?

I suspect that this project is beyond you.

Dimming large amounts of power generates large amounts of interference. Once you have got the basic circuit going then you need a lot of skill to reduce the interference to a point where it will work reliably.

I indeed think to make custom dimming circuit to control a commercial lightings that uses 110V power. Because I am expecting much more brightness, thinking about Incandescent or Fluorcent Light.

Maybe I need to make smaller LED strip?

Is there any way to tweak a commercial dimmer switch to control the 110V lighting to use with an Arduino?


Dimming a fluorescent light is tricky and you don't get good results. There are lots of commercial dimming units that can be directly connected to an arduino. A lot depends on the actual current you are going to use. These systems are known as solid state relays or SSRs. Here is a finder to narrow your choice down:-

You could use a servo to turn a commercial light dimmer switch. Beyond that you may need to get a licensed electrician involved to keep out of code/fire/insurance issues.

Thank You for replies.

This looks very plausible.

Hope this Work!

Sorry about lack of info I submitted.

'Big Scale' is actually 20~30inch wide incandescent light. Not a whole room. Sorry about misunderstanding,

I am planning to make incandescent lighting that would dim on/off from a Ultrasonic range sensor.

I have searched some precedents with VELLEMAN K8064 - DC CONTROLLED DIMMER It seems very promising,

However, I am not sure it works with consistent PWN input from the ultrasonic range sensor.

I'd start simple with the below parts and see how well things work without getting overdone on the project. KISS

'Big Scale' is actually 20~30inch wide incandescent light.

An incandescent light is one with a hot filament. They don't come in 20-30 inches do they? They don't in my part of the world.

something like this