how to control high rpm (10k to 12k rpm) motors tillt angles

hey guys, i am working on final year project for stabilizing 2 wheeler using gyro control system basically this includes 1 flywheel around 18 kg which is fixed on ball-bearings which rotates at 12000rpm max i was wondering if i could control the tilt angles of that motor. how can i do this using arduino? please suggest me on

What is wrong with getting suggestions here so that everyone can share in the process?

You will have to give more information about what you want to achieve.

Do you want motors that can change the plane of rotation of the flywheel (which may require a lot of torque) or do you want motors that use the setting of the gyroscope to adjust something else? In either case the choice of a suitable motor (and gearbox ?) depends on the required torque.

How accurate does the movement need to be?

How many degrees of movement do you require?


I presume this is in the style of Cubli:

Controlling a motor at 10k rpm is just like controlling one at 100 rpm, if its a DC brushed motor. For brushless you'll have a controller already of some sort?

Basically you have a closed loop control system, typically a PID loop would do the feedback, presumably input is angle error and output is velocity control signal.