How to control induction stove?

Hello! As the title says I am wondering if anyone knows how to control a induction stove. I am planning to use this from Ikea because that is the one I think is the most possible someone knows something about.

I am planning to use this for a cooking robot which will have a induction stove from the side of the pot. So I will not be able to touch the stove so I will need to be able to control heat and turn it off and on with a Arduino. I don't have the induction stove here because I don't know if I will get answers but if I do I will probably get it. I got a Arduino UNO but I will get some more things when I hopefully gets some replies.

I am a newbie, very interested in electronics and a very fast learner.
I think it is that I will need a relay of some sort to control it off and on but the heat/mode I have no idea.

I have watched this video about how to do this but I don't really understand where to plug everything in. Me and him in the video don't use the same stove.
I have also watched this video and the part two of it.

Thank you!

Solid state relays.

I used the link but I'm not fully convinced it's an induction device or a pure, old fashioned heater.
Using a solid state relay, SSR, it's surely possible to control it.

@Railroader The Ikea one is a induction because "Portabel induktionshäll" means "portable induction stove". A relay would work to turn it on and off but how do I control which mode like 1, 2, 3, 4...?
Thank you!

@IceChes Okay but how do I control the the mode like power 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on??
Thank you!

I would try a low frequency on/off. Say a period in the magnitude of seconds. I guess You have to do some experiments in order to calibrate it. Likely You can't disassemble it and find out how the built in regulator works.

I am surprised the OP has not bothered to use Mr. Google for more information on the stove.This video shows the inside and likely more.

Of course I watched that. Did you? I don't understand what and how I should just wire the modes like 1, 2, 3, 4...

@Paul_KD7HB You don't need to be so annoying like "I am surprised the OP has not bothered to use Mr. Google" Of course I have looked for more information!

Should be in post #1.

@Paul_KD7HB Not that I can hear nor see. He just talks about the electronics. I want to know how to wire it.

Then I guess you have the only choice left and that is to get one, disassemble it, measure the resistance and voltage of all the control points.

Heat control on stoves has almost always been in the form of a "simmerstat" - the element is turned on for a proportion of the time over a cycle of a few seconds. This is exactly a very slow form of PWM so you just organise your program to do this through the SSR.

Perhaps more people would have been aware of that, if you had mentioned it in your original post.

@Paul_B If I remember right I don't think induction stoves uses that. Mine at home which is from IKEA don't use that. But maybe these small one does. Thank you for your reply

@aarg Okay, I am sorry I will add that now.

Please don't go back and edit previous messages. It makes the thread confusing to follow... it's already visible in post #7.

What is your level of electronics experience? Uninformed tinkering with a device like that can be extremely hazardous.

@aarg I have worked with computers since I was like 9 (I am 14 now), I have repaired many TVs, mixers, radios, monitors, some basic robots, drones, lights (grow lights for my growing station), I have also done some basic programming for about 2 years. I have repair everything I can lay my hands on. I know it can be dangerous but like it is no fun without any danger. Same thing with, for example, bikes and cars. I know I am maybe not the best at anything but it is fun to learn :smiley:

So how else does it control the heat? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Only if the danger is restricted to yourself, and not other people. With an unqualified and unapproved electronic modification, you can expose others to extreme risks.

It sounds like you have no electronics training... you shouldn't even be opening the heater to look at it. Nothing at all that is mains powered...

Then You will surely figure this out as well as You've figured out a lot of other things.