How to control IR with arduino

So I have been trying to control my tv with Arduino forever, but i never can get it to work. I have tried 10 different blogs, different configs, different LEDs, but i can never get it to work. So: I have 2 questions:

1:What is the correct configuration to control IR by arduino

2:What is the how do I implement my codes into the arduino ir library example code: IReccVdemo.

Here are the codes from the remote:

On/Off: F4BA2988 Volume Up:240c Volume Down:640c

All help is appreciated!

In Library Manager (Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries...) install the "IRremote by shirriff". The IRremote.h file has a pointer to the documentation which shows you how to wire your receiver and LED:

The example program "IRrecvDumpV2" will receive IR codes and display them on Serial Monitor in a form that can be copied into your sketch to send the code.