how to control Pololu A4983 Stepper Motor Driver?

I have a Pololu A4983 Stepper Motor Driver an connected it like in the picture, link.

connected ‘MS2’ to ‘MS1’ and ‘Reset’ to ‘Sleep’.
‘Dir’ to Ground.
12V - 700mA motor power from the VIN arduino uno

When i make ‘step’ HIGH for half a second the motor start to rotate continuously.
When i make ‘step’ HIGH again it stops.
Then when i make ‘step’ HIGH again the motor start to rotate continuously in the opposite direction.

Is there a basic code for this stepper driver so i can get started?
Is something wrong connected?

I thought, and would like to have, the driver will do one step every time there is a HIGH pulse one ‘step’.

Thanks for your corporation.
(These are my first babysteps in the arduino world, don’t make the answer to difficult if you please)

pololu A4983.pdf (16.8 KB)

connected 'MS2' to 'MS1' and 'Reset' to 'Sleep'.

Each of those inputs needs connecting to gnd or Vcc I think - as appropriate. Connecting two inputs together doesn't make sense.

Look at the "Typical Application Diagram" in the datasheet:

If you use the Pololu wiring guide this Simple Stepper Program should work.

...R Stepper Motor Basics