How to Control RGB LED strip

I currenty have the Adalight system wired up like so Wiring | Adalight Project Pack | Adafruit Learning System but want to use this for something I want to make. Unfortunately I cant use Processing as I have a .net program using the Serial port.

I have looked but cant find anything on this, How do you control each RGB led. Simply to start with I want to have a solid colour and control the brightness, Then work from there.


The LEDs each have a controller chip. They look like WS2801 chips, but check by reading the number on the back of the IC.

There is a lot of information on this forum about controlled LED strips using WS2801 controllers.

Ah sorry, I found out that I had WS2801 shortly after posting and found a library for it. Currently have this going 20131208 175228 - YouTube.

Should have closed/Deleted this thread.