how to control slew rate of DAC output programmatically

Hi I'm currently making research about how to control the slew rate on DAC output voltage let me explain my goal: Assume the current output of the DAC is 1V and i want to change it to 2V but want to make the voltage change smooth let's say in 200ms duration. My currently thought is to make the change in something like 8 steps, every 25ms increase the output voltage by 0.125V and to make sure is goes smooth i'm thinking about add bypass caps on the DAC's output. But what if i want the also make the changes with out any smooth ? and control when i want smooth changes and on step no smooth change Any one have any though/idea? Thanks

to make sure is goes smooth i’m thinking about add bypass caps on the DAC’s output.

Not a good idea. The capacitor acts as a dead short circuit to large changes in voltage, and may overload the DAC.

The smoothest possible change is to increment or decrement the digital value output to the DAC by one bit at a time, not any faster than the DAC can respond. See the DAC data sheet.

Yeah that my though, so you say to make mach more changes in my "smooth duration" but without bypass caps on the dac? I'll give it a test, Thanks :)