How to control solenoids via midi input ?

Hi there !
I'm a real noob in arduino,but this little thing give me a lot of ideas !
I've just buy a mattel synsonics (a "toy" with four pads that create drums sounds),and I wanted to create an arduino interface to attack the pads with four solenoids,one four each pad,via a midi controller.

So,in fact : Keyboard or sequencer > arduino midi in > solenoids that plays on the synsonics drums.

What midi shield should fit for this application ? and which solenoids ?

Thank you for your help !

What midi shield should fit for this application ?

Any MIDI shield or none. It depends on your MIDI source. If it is a computer you can use Hairless, a software patch that runs inside your computer and converts the Arduino serial to and from MIDI.

You need something to drive the solenoids, like a FET or transistor array.

Something like this project:-

Thanks for your help !!!
The midi glockenspiel is very close to what I was thinking about :slight_smile: