How to Control the firing of CNC Plasma Cutter

Hello everyone we have a project that is CNC Plasma Cutter, and We are using the software "Universal G-Code Sender" which is connected with the Arduino UNO. We are also using the Fusion 360 application from Autodesk for designing the output to be traced and generating the G-code.

How can I automatically control the firing of the plasma cutter when the operation starts (the torch starts to move, tracing the drawing) and then turn off when the operation ends?

Need help guys.

I'd think that there exist G codes for (drilling...) tool up/down, which you can use to turn the cutter on/off. Put one at the begin of your Fusion program and one at the end, and you're done.


How will I know that the G-Code that I added will also correspond to the output of the arduino which will also actuate the relay for the firing of the plasma?

How do you know that your existing code corresponds to the right outputs?

You can do a dry run, with the cutter off, and find out which Arduino pin is activated.

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I suspect you will more easily get an answer on a Forum that deals with CNC stuff. This Arduino program is for helping people write their own programs.

My wild guess is that the switching of the cutter needs to be included in the GCode by whatever software you are using to generate the GCode. Then UGS just sends the GCode and the correct things happen.


Or only turn it on when a non-rapids movement is active?

There are numerous g/m codes you could use. If you are not controlling the z axis, then use z0 and z positive values for torch off, and z negatives for torch on - pretend it's a cnc router.

A simple RELAY on the SPINDLE ENABLE pin will give the best results.
A second relay to the COOLANT pin would enable you to start fans for fume extraction.