How to control this motor with arduino


Easist solution, use transistor (or FET) to drive motor, control transistor with PWM from output pin to vary speed.

I do not know the specs on that motor so you would have to research them in order to choose proper components.

This is essentially what a commercial ESC for a brushed motor does, brushless is an entirely different story.

Cause I opened this quad toy and there is no esc

Oh, I'm pretty sure there is - it just doesn't look like the stuff you're used to.

Thank you , MOSFET solveed it! I will buy 4! Thank you! :)

Glad to help.

Oh, BTW, questions like this don't go in "Programming"

Sorry, where should I post this?

I will have to ask one more thing: this is the motor I actually want:

But I looked around on the internet and could not find the voltage and current of it. Do you have any idea how I can get this kind of information? I ask this cause I need to check which mosfet would be better to my case and I have no idea which one would handle this motor voltage and current!

I think what AWOL was trying to say was that for help with general project assistance post in Project Guidance forum, and use the Programming forum specifically for discussing code issues.

That being said, I could not find the specs on that exact motor, but another I found for a very similar motor (slightly larger case diameter) with the following specifications.

2.75A max. load current at 3.7V (with Hubsan X4 propeller)

I expect that if you build your DIY ESC to handle these specs that everything likely will work as it should. Be sure to leave yourself some safety margin with the ratings, I personally would not look for a MOSFET that could only handle 2.75A, I would go a bit larger, maybe like 4A or 5A even, any MOSFET you find will likely be rated for far over that voltage. You always want to give yourself some margin because if you ever stall the blade on one of the motors (like crash while it is still trying to spin or snag on something) it will cause the current to spike up. I have replaced a number of MOSFETs in ESCs used for Helis that were burned when a crash occured or the blades got tangled up in the grass.

What I was saying was, "there is no element of programming about this question, so why was it originally posted in the Programming section of the forum?"

It just seems such an obvious thing to me.

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@BH72 you are probably right cause the battery recommended to this motor is 3.7 V. I will buy a 5A mosfet to make sure I have a good margin as you said!

Thank you all, very helpful again!