How to control three LED strips with an Arduino (BEGINNER needs help)

Hi guys,

I want to buy the hardware for my project and wanted to doublecheck if there are (most likely) mistakes in my planning before I spend money on wrong things.

What I want to do is control three different LED strips (1m each) with Max MSP & an Arduino UNO.
Already wrote the code in max, but this is my first project with hardware.

What I got so far:

Q1: Can I somehow use the power pack for all 3 strips? I know how I could connect the jumper cables with a battery, but don’t know how this works with the power pack.

What I think I need:

  • 3 N Channel Mosfets L series that it can be driven from the 5V arduino
  • jumper cables to connect Mosfet + Arduino + LED

Q2: Can anyone advise me on which specific Mosfet I could use?

thanks so much for your help!

I can't tell which LEDs you are using. The link doesn't work.

Hi, these 3 strips: do you want to control the colour & brightness independently? If so, you will need 9 MOSFETs. You will also have the problem that Uno has only 6 pwm outputs.

A suitable MOSFET would be stp16nf06l but there are many others. The important thing is that the MOSFETs should have "logic-level gates".


I am using very simple ones. 5050 SMD 150 LED RGB 5m. Will try and post the link again tomorrow as I'm operating from my phone now.

@paul: thanks!!
I only want to control the frequency they flash/blink in, neither colour nor brightness matter really.
That means I'm good with three? And also with the pmw outputs?

Not completely sure you understood my question. If you are not concerned about the colour, why did you buy rgb strips? But taking you at your word, yes, three MOSFETs and three pwm outputs will be enough.

I would like to control the colour also, but first I want to make the blinking thing work.
Taking baby steps.