How to Controll ISD1760 with arduino?


I try to control my Recording Playback Module ISD1760 with adruino UNO, I helped myself different topics and information found on google but it does not work properly.
I can start playing with the command ‘play’ but then I do nothing more control. I want to read a single sound I recorded but for now I can not.
My code:

#include <SPI.h>
#define PU          0x01  //Power Up the device
#define STOP        0x02  //Stop the current operation
#define RESET       0x03  //Reset the device
#define CLR_INT     0x04  //Clear interrupt and OEM bit
#define RD_STATUS   0x05  //Return Returns status bits & current row counter in first 1st 2 bytes and operating status in 3rd byte
#define RD_PLAY_PTR 0x06  //Returns status bits & current row counter in 1st 2 bytes and Play pointer in 3rd & 4th bytes
#define PD          0x07  //Power Down
#define RD_REC_PTR  0x08  //Returns status bits & current row counter in 1st 2 bytes and Record pointer in 3rd & 4th bytes
#define DEVID       0x09  //Read the deivce ID register.
#define PLAY        0x40  //Play from current location without LED action until EOM or STOP command received
#define REC         0x41  //Record from current location without LED action until end of memory or STOP command received
#define ERASE       0x42  //Erase current message to EOM location
#define G_ERASE     0x43  //Erase all messages (not include Sound Effects)
#define RD_APC      0x44  //Returns status bits & current row counter in first 1st 2 bytes and the contents of APC register in 3rd & 4th bytes.
#define WR_APC1     0x45  //Write the data <D10:D0> into the APC register with volume setting from VOL pin
#define WR_APC2     0x65  //Write the data <D10:D0> into the APC register with volume setting from bits <D2:D0>
#define WR_NVCFG    0x46  //Write the contents of APC to NVCFG
#define LD_NVCFG    0x47  //Load contents of NVCFG to APC Register
#define FWD         0x48  //Forward play pointer to start address of next message. Forward will be ignored during operating, except Play
#define CHK_MEM     0x49  //Check circular memory
#define EXTCLK      0x4A  //Enable/disable external clock mode
#define SET_PLAY    0x80  //Play from start address <S10:S0> to end address <E10:E0> or stop at EOM, depending on the D11 of APC
#define SET_REC     0x81  //Record from start address <S10-S0> to end address <E10:E0>
#define SET_ERASE   0x82  //Erase from start address <S10:S0> to end address <E10:E0> [Stop cmd is ignored]

#define DATAOUT     11   //mosi
#define DATAIN      12   //miso
#define SPICLOCK    13   //sck
#define SLAVESELECT 10   //ss

  void setup() {


  byte clr;
  pinMode(DATAIN, INPUT);
  digitalWrite(SLAVESELECT,HIGH); //disable device
  SPCR = B01111111; //data lsb, clock high when idle, samples on falling
  //SPCR = (1<<CPHA) | (1<<CPOL) | (1<<DORD) | (1<<SPE) | (1<<MSTR);    
  spi_transfer(PU); // power up
  spi_transfer(CLR_INT); // clear interupt


void loop() {

  spi_transfer(PLAY); // play
  spi_transfer(0); // data byte



void ready_wait(){

 byte byte1;
 byte byte2;
 byte byte3;

 while(byte3<<7 != 128){
   byte1 = spi_transfer(RD_STATUS); // clear interupt and eom bit
   byte2 = spi_transfer(0x00); // data byte
   byte3 = spi_transfer(0x00); // data byte


char spi_transfer(volatile char data)
 SPDR = data;                    // Start the transmission
 while (!(SPSR & (1<<SPIF)))     // Wait for the end of the transmission
 return SPDR;                    // return the received byte

I think we should rather use set play but I do not know how to retrieve my address her, and how to indicate with set_play.
Thank you for your help.

What is an ISD1760?

Please post a link to its datasheet.


Yes sorry, I’ll give more details.
ISD1760 Recording Playback Module:

I found other post on this forum but I have not found a solution:

A tutorial in French:

I used all this information but I can not find the solution, I used the SPI link as described, it works but I think I make a mistake in the program and waiting delays.

Thanks for the extra info.

I don't know anything about those devices.

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Arfff... i think here was the good section because the recorder use SPI for the communication. :confused: