How to controll servos wirelessly with rf modules.

I was wondering if I could use rf modules and 2 arduinos (a nano and uno) and a joysick to controll 2 servos and a potentiometer to controll 1 servo, both on the same set of ardiunos?

Sure. See the servo Sweep example in the Servo library to see how to acquire data from a pot and output to serial. Easy to expand that to expand that to up to 6 pots on an Uno and 8 on a Nano.

Replace serial with sending via rf24. Here is a good tutorial to get stared with the rf24 radios.

Sorry I just got back. Would the code in the tutorial that you sent work for modules like these?

No. The rf24 library will not work with them. Those are totally different and to tell the truth, I have no experience with them.

Here is a tutorial for those radios including a library recommendation. Google will turn up more with a search for “arduino 433MHz radio”.

I like the rf24 radios cause they are cheap and can do 2 way communication.