How to copy files from Arduino Yun / to / Local computer disk

Hi folks,
I had a issue while I was making a photo-booth with sensors, the webcam worked fine but after I took a picture, I got stuck when the webcam is connected to Arduino Yun and the picture is saved into the Yun’s SD card.

When I want to do something with these pictures on local computer (ie. OCR, Image editing with Matlab, C++) I couldn’t figure out how to move files from Yun’s SD card to the local computer disk.
It should be done automatically so that C, or other programs can immediately read.

I found other examples like directly uploading to the DROPBOX, Streaming but I have no idea about local computer.

is there any possible way of doing this

Sensor >Webcam > SD card >
PIC.JPG >>>>>>to Local disk C:

Thanks in advance

Samba (windows share) server

Samba (windows share) client

NFS server

NFS client

Local Windows computer:Samba (windows share)
Local Mac & Linux computer:NFS

Nice website.



Python FTP upload the file

SFTP is a easy to use solution. Install the sftp-package on openwrt and you can transfer files from or to your windows machine using e.g. Putty. You need to run a sftp-server on Windows if you want to transfer files interactively from Yun to PC using the command line tools e.g. as Cronjob.

I'm using SFTP to upload my Python-Files from the Windows-Machine to the Yun.