How to crack data from WII nunchuk

Hello guys.. im new in this forum. My project is get the data from WII nunchuk and then try to interfacing it with motors. The concept is i wanna make a security camera system that can be control by wii nunchuk.

I have many resources in google especially this and then i try it program and it doens't work for me ( i see many ppl have succeded run this program ). I use arduino Uno ATMEGA 328, many questions that i wanna ask : - Wii Nunchuk use I2C, any refrence for learn this ?? - there is data n clock in wii nunchuk, n we must generate clock to trigger the WII, what is the frequency of the clock ?? - i try using oscilloscope but no output come -_- (not using arduino just use power supply)

The point of my project is, crack all the data that WII Nunchuk send and take as much information from wii nunchuk (like how this thing works and how is the data show and what is the speed for read the data).

I hope u guys can give me some informations that realted to my project. (sorry bout my language too :P)

thx :D

Take search result #3 from Google then:


actually i hv tried from, the problem is when i open serial monitor the only thing that i can see only "finished setup" its like the program not run until the end... and btw thx for the input Korman.

This is actually quite simple.

I've been using a nunchuck to control midi wirelessly. (btw, I noticed the real ones are MUCH nicer quality inside than a cheap one off ebay)

If you have a little look at this site (scroll down and it tells you how to connect it):

There's also a couple of links on there for the coding (This is the code I'm using, you could probably replace the serial.write functions in the if statements at the bottom to just control your project directly):

Basically, just use this library and all will be dandy:

Hope that helps. :).

WOW thx Neo ! ok let me try it, btw can i generate the clock from outside (not using arduino) and how to calculate the clock frequency should i use oscilloscope and how to make a packet of data every 8bit ??


Well, I don't quite know to be honest, I've only actually been using this stuff for about a month...

Unless you have some specific reason why you need to generate the clock, I don't see any point in using an outside oscillator... The library I pointed you to works all that kind of stuff out behind the scenes, making it simple for you just to use the data...


btw neo i already tried ur resources... i dunno the code seems not run, its like it stop in nunchuk_init. the program can run but the result didnt come... i already download the library either but still nothing change. the point of my project i just want to analyze the data from wii nunchuk thats all...

Thx :D

If someone is still interested, I wrote a fairly detailed article about the whole subject:

Hi, I think it will if anyone does a search, the thread title is accurate enough to attract some hits if Wii, Arduino and nunchuk is used. You could also put this in Exhibition section of the forum too.

Tom... :)