How to create a new sketch (from a Tool) ?


I'm trying to create a new Arduino sketch from a tool (which allows me access to an Editor instance). I've checkout the github repo but I notice the creation of a new sketch is handled by the Base class(

The problem is I can't access the base instance from the Tool and therefore can't easily create a new sketch.

Is there an elegant solution to this ? How can I easily tell Arduino to create a new sketch from a Tool.

Thanks, George

Check AUTOIT to automate all kinds of processes - -


Thanks for the suggestion. Just had a quick look at AutoIt and it looks like a handy tool, but I'd like my tool to be self contained(not have any other external dependencies) and work on the operating systems Arduino is supported (and AutoIt only seems supported on Windows)

At the moment my workaround is to avoid creating a new sketch (which doesn't solve the actual problem), but it would be nice to see a java solution using Arduino's Tool interface.