How to create a "normal" and simple Console ?

Is it possible to start a "normal" Console, that I can access with a tablet ?

My Arduino Yun (Dragino Yun Shield) is only connected via wifi, and I can log in with my tablet, start a telnet and use the Console. That is not easy. Is something simple possible to communicate with the sketch, like a normal telnet ?

When I change my sketch, the Yun is connected via USB, and I can see the status/debug messages via the usb in the serial monitor, and enter a few commands. I would like to do the same with my tablet when the Yun is in its location and only connected with wifi.

I have tested the and used zepto.js Perhaps a serial monitor via zepto.js is possible ? I think it can be used to show debug messages on the webpage and enter commands via a form. Anyone knows an example ?

Upload Arduino IDE File->Examples->Bridge->ConsolePixel

ssh root@

( is Arduino IP address)

telnet localhost 6571