How to create a ressistance with Arduino

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is there a way, to create a ressistance with an Arduino? So is there a way, to use the Arduino like a potentiometer, so that i can change the ressistance in the code?

maybe digital potentiometer?

Not without adding parts. Also this depends on exactly in detail what you are trying to do? Anyway as written the answer to your question is no.


This seems to be an XY problem. If you tell us what you are wanting to do, not how you think that you should do it, we can give more informed help.

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We need to know your application as there are many ways to do it, but each has its limitations.

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You can use digital outputs to drive transistors that switch resistors in parallel such that some value R becomes R||R1||R2 || R3 etc, lowering the resistance between
points A & B based on the values of R, R1,R2,R3…Rn.
(FYI, “||” is electronics notation for “in parallel with”)
FYI, digital potentiometers have limitations, not the least of which is available values
but the most critical being maximum voltage allowable across the chip. (usually 5V).

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